Katy Perry's Quirky Tokyo Style

September 25, 2012 By:
Katy Perry's Quirky Tokyo Style

When Katy Perry touched down in Japan’s Narita International Airport for her Katy Perry: Part of Me tour yesterday, it was basically the biggest teenage girl sleepover all of time.

First, the pop star traded in her candy-coated and risqué skin-tight concert and red carpet get ups for an adorably loose-fitting dress. Katy and Zooey Deschanel have always looked like vanity mirror images of each other, but now in Katy’s new quirky threads, the two look like they were cut from the same vintage cloth. The singer matched her super girl Tokyo style with those of her adoring fans, who she stopped to take photos with, when approached in the arrivals lounge.

Following this, one of Katy’s first stops was to get this clever retro-cartoon manicure of the characters from the ‘90s MTV animated series Daria, of course. Now we know why she’s rocking that bob style hair—Daria is clearly her spirit animal right now.

Katy tweeted the final results of her mani here:

The Japanese are going have to INVENT an elaborate emoticon to express the cuteness overload that is this pitch perfect nail art. As anyone with a Twitter or Instagram account knows, girls photographing their manicures is a well over saturated practice on both social platforms, but Katy’s is an antidote to that epidemic.

Katy paired her new fingertip friends with a cloud-print dress for the Japan premiere of her music documentary. It was an abstract watercolor print that had the singer looking like a firework in her own right. The strapless, prom style frock fell just above the knee and floated out at the waist, wearing strappy purple heels to keep her grounded.