Keira Knightley in Chanel's Weird Tin Glove

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Keira Knightley in Chanel\'s Weird Tin Glove
This is one of those situations where an article of clothing is wearing a celeb and not a celeb wearing an article of clothing.

Keira Knightley appears on the cover of October’s Vogue wearing what appears to be one of the complete runway looks from the “new vintage” couture collection that Chanel showed for fall/winter 2012.

The styling and art direction is going for something “romantic cozy”—as emblazoned by one of the cover’s headlines—however the whole tone is upstaged by those strange silver cuffs on her forearms. I’m not sure whether to want to turn the page and keep reading, or throw this iron clad cover in with a game of horseshoes.

Her updo bouffant, smoky eye makeup, and lace dress are cute and simple - keeping with a look that was most likely inspired by her upcoming role as the lead in Anna Karenina. The upcoming Chanel cover also only further rumors that Karl Lagerfeld will design the bride-to-be’s wedding dress. Keira is engaged to James Righton, a bandmember of English band Klaxons.

Lagerfeld was clearly going for a retro-futuristic Victorian-look on the catwalk, except in this cover it looks kinda clunky on Keira. The irony here is that there isn’t a cast to cover up the fashion bruises of this odd styling.

Maybe the magazine should get a pass. The offices at Vogue are probably just overworked following the production of their always hotly anticipated September issue. This year’s was a record-breaking 912 pages and weighed 4.5 pounds.
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