Kelly Osbourne Calls Christina Aguilera Fat Again

October 17, 2011 By:

The E! channel show, "Fashion Police" should really just change their name to the Christina Aguilera roast. For the zillionth time, Kelly Osbourne has called Christina Aguilera "fat."

I'm sure you've seen the photos of Christina Aguilera from the Michael Jackson tribute show. They've been circulating around the internet for almost two weeks now and feature Christina Aguilera looking like a pig in a blanket. Christina squished her not-super-skinny body into a teeny tiny corset and the hosts of the Fashion Police wasted no time sinking in their fashion fangs.

Co-Host George Kotsiopoulous viewed her fashion disaster photo form the Michael Forever show and disses, "I'm looking at this and thinking, 'Well, she's put on weight. This just isn't flattering.' But this is just a crappy outfit, regardless. No matter what shape your body is in, it's just bad."

True. Regardless of X-Tina's shape, it was a bad outfit. You know when girls dress up as slutty-anything for Halloween but just look vaguely like a tranny? That's exactly what Christina Aquilera looked like.

Anyways, after George's comment, Kelly butted in, "She called me fat for years. I was never that fat."

Then George tried to defend Christina by saying that she is "still probably a size 2/4" but Kelly was quick to disagree, "Trust me," she says, "I'm a 2/4. That is not a 2/4."

It's about to be a girl fight! Let's take a look at all the Kelly-thinks-Christina-is-fat wordplay from the past year, I feel like being a mean girl, why not.

In August, Kelly was diagnosing another outfit worn by Christina Aquilera and called her a "fat bitch."

"Maybe she's just becoming the fat bitch she was always born to be. I don't know." slams Kelly.

And the claws come out, "She called me fat for so many f-cking years, so you know what? F-ck you, you're fat too."

They are getting real hood over at Fashion Police. Okay, back to the present. After George called Christina fat, and then Kelly called Christina fat, Joan Rivers delivered this zinger.

"Lady Marmalade got into the peanut butter again," jokes River.

Wow. Best incorporation of a Christina Aquilera song title into a fat joke. That ain't easy to do.

Last week Joan Rivers also dug into Christina for the same outfit when she appeared on the NBC show, New York Live, to talk about fashion and I guess, call people fat.

"You look like a pig," Rivers says of Aquilera, "She's not just eating apples!"

I like the peanut butter joke better.