Kendall Jenner Goes Blonde...Or Does She?

February 17, 2012 By:
Kendall Jenner Goes Blonde...Or Does She?

Omigod guys a Kardashian spawn has just dyed her hair to a different color than her natural hair color and it is a big deal! It is the biggest deal because, well…I don’t know, but you MUST check out this picture and then turn to the nearest girl and be like, “Omigod, have you seen Kendall Jenner’s new hair?” and then you can decide if you hate it or love it!

“new look…? What do you think? Lol” writes Kendall on her twitter.

Oh but wait…two hours later Kendall posts another photo of herself with her natural brunette strands and writes, “Don’t worry! Still a brunette! #fooled you #sillyme” she writes.

So it was just a wig!? Whhaaat! Who was the master-mind behind this prank? Did Kendall Jenner team up with George Clooney for the hair prank of the century! Boy, was I fooled!

Anyways, enough about that, let’s talk about how Kendall Jenner might not go to college! Crazy, right? Because the Kardashian family is built upon academic excellence and other things that involve books and learning!

“I’m not really thinking about college right now,” says Kendall, “If my career, like, blows up and gets really big, [modeling] is what I would do.”

Kendall made her runway debut back in September and says, “I want to [walk the runway] again and again,” she says, “it was so much fun, like the adrenaline and everything was really fun.”

However, don’t expect her to strip down anytime soon or appear on the cover of Maxim, Kendall is a classy lady, according to Kendall.

“I think if you look cute but like, classy, even though you are showing skin, I think that’s fine,” she says, “I wouldn’t like, go crazy. I am not that kind of person.”