Kendall Jenner Reveals New Bikini Modeling Photos

October 6, 2011 By:

Kendall Jenner may only be 15 years old, but she's kind of a real model now. A couple images from Kendall's upcoming swimsuit campaign for Aussie swimwear brand White Sands have been released.

In the images, Kendall wears a one piece with a plunging neckline and a retro inspired high waisted one-piece proving that you can now refer to her as "Kendall Jenner the model" rather than "Kendall Jenner, you know, one of those smaller, younger Kardashian girls."

Kendall is modeling the brands Spring/Summer 2012 campaign for the Leah Madden designed range of "floral bikinis, deep cut maillots and caftans" inspired by retro film noir styles. The collection is called "Pirouette" and will hit stores in March.

Designer Leah Madden told People, "As we were casting for the campaign we came across Kendall's portfolio and loved her softness and strength. She actually made it to the top of our list before we knew her background!"

Translation: We actually liked Kendall as a model and then we found out she was a KARDASHIAN and we were like "cha-ching!"

Leah adds, "the collection has both an ethereal and strong side and we wanted a model that could capture both," which led them to Kendall.

Kendall has been posing for print ads for over a year now and made her runway debut at New York Fashion Week in September for the first time, but Leah thought Kendall acted like a pro.

"Kendall was a delight on set and a natural in front of the camera," reveals Leah.

Last summer, Kendall posed for some sexy bikini photos that caused controversy because at the time she was only 14. And sure, the photos were a little too va-va voom, but really, the concerning thing is that a 14-year-old was smizing harder than Tyra. Don't lie, you were just jealous when you caught your boyfriend googling "Who is Kendall Jenner?"

However, her mom Kris Jenner didn't think the photos were a problem. "I grew up in San Diego wearing a bikini my entire life, so I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it,” said Kris. “They’re tasteful, she’s covered up completely and they’re not provocative. They’re just gorgeous shots."

But now Kendall is 15, so bikini photos are totally okay.

“One of her lifelong passions is to be a model, and it’s something she’s really excited about,” Kris Jenner told PEOPLE last month.