Celebrities 2011 Halloween Costumes

October 31, 2011 By:

It's Halloween in Hollywood and the stars are pulling out all the stops with costumes this year. Even though Halloween is today, the older you get the longer you celebrate holidays that are traditionally created for children, so that's why the celebs and anyone over the age of 18 has been celebrating Halloween since last Monday.

Here's a wrap up of Halloween style from the weekend, who had the best costumes, the scariest, and the weirdest.

Heidi Klum: Hands down, Heidi Klum had the scariest and most anatomically correct Halloween costume. Dressed as the "Visible Woman" on Saturday at her 12th annual Halloween party at TAO in Las Vegas, the supermodel rolled up (literally) to the red carpet lying on gurney. Klum wore an eerily life-like body suit that revealed bones, muscles and tendons. "It's kind of like a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off," says Klum, "It's basically like me naked." Except it's nothing like seeing her naked, because I'm sure most people don't scream upon seeing Heidi Klum naked.

Nicole Richie: If Nicole Richie's career as a socialite and a fashion designer ever falls through, she could have a very lucrative career as a celebrity impersonator. Richie wore a pink velour tracksuit, large gold hoops, lace up black heeled boots and oversized aviators with a slick ponytail. Who could she be? None other than Jennifer Lopez. Richie tweeted a photo of her self doing her best "Jenny from da block" pose and wrote, "Don't be fooled by the rocks dat we got! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Love JLo"

Kim Kardashian: Were we green with envy at Kim Kardashian's Poison Ivy Halloween costume? Eh. The E! star wore a long red wig and a ivy covered green dress as she partied at the Midori Green Halloween costume party in New York City. Noticeably absent was her husband Kris Humphries, however had he gone he would have been perfect dressed as the jolly green giant.

Gwen Stefani: Gwen Stefani was a dead ringer for Cinderella last night. The former No Doubt frontwoman went all out in a lavish Princess costume at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel last night. It's kind of like when little girls all want to be princesses for Halloween, except Gwen's costume was so legit I hardly doubt she purchased it at "Halloween Depot."

Snooki: The Jersey Shore star let her claws out and dressed as a leopard for a Halloween party at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas last night. See, when normal girls wear this costume, it's called "a sexy leopard." When Snooki wears it, it's called taxidermy.

Lea Michele: Lea Michele tried to channel Oscar gold by dressing up as Natalie Portman from "Black Swan." Lea wore the white ballet outfit, going as the "good" Swan Queen to a costume party on Saturday night. If you look at the photo, close one eye, and forget everything about Lea's acting techniques on Glee, she almost looks exactly like Natalie Portman.

Kelly Ripa: This morning on Live! With Regis and Kelly, Kelly was co-hosting with Nick Lachey and the two went as Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Kelly wore an over-the-top wedding dress and Nick Lachey wore a white tux and stilts, making him freakishly tall like Humphries himself.