Celebs Celebrate Fashion's Night Out

September 12, 2011 By:

Thursday night was the world-wide event, Fashion's Night Out, which was a shopping event created in 2009 by Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour as a way to promote shopping and help stimulate the economy.

Basically, stores stay open later than usual and offer in-store events and giveaways to entice shoppers to go shopping at 10pm instead of 6pm while sipping on vitamin waters and munching on mini cupcakes.

Anyways, since 2009 the event has turned into a media blitz and Hollywood's finest turned out to support Fashion's Night Out. Here's where the celebs were shopping and hanging out last night.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian: Kim and Kourt were partying at the NY branch of their Kardashian owned boutique DASH. Also in attendance was DJ Pauly D, who agreed to DJ the event for free as a wedding gift to Kim and Kris Humphries. However, when NY fans found out that two Kardashians plus Pauly D were all going to be in the same building an insane crowd flocked to the store and cops were forced to shut down DASH NYC. Apparently thousands were trying to jump the barricades to get at Pauly D as he left the store.

Justin Bieber: The Bieber and his mother hung out at Dolce & Gabbana's Madison Ave store in NY all night last night. Bieber was joined by his manager Scooter Braun and his right hand man, Usher as well as Anna Wintour. While I'm surprised Anna didn't have something snarky to say about the pint sized pop stars fashion sense (he wears live snakes and non-prescription glasses, let's be real) the two posed for photos together all night.

Daniel Radcliffe: The Harry Potter posterchild made an appearance at Jeffrey New York while many fans waited outside to catch a glimpse of the "boy who lived" but unfortunately there were too many fans and not enough store organization and nobody got to meet Radcliffe. The appearance was billed as a "Meet and Greet," but apparently Radcliffe left as soon as he showed up. He probably just apparated, you guys (Harry Potter joke anyone?)

Vanessa Hudgens: Hudgens was DJ'ing last night at FNO. Hudgens made an appearance at the Popchips Playland, which was a makeshift carnival set up by the chip company, Popchips in New York City. Apparently, Hudgens can DJ. Who knew?

Sarah Jessica Parker: SJP made her appearance at FNO at the Manolo Blahnik store but ended the night at QVC (whoa acronyms!) Parker was signing Manolo Blahnik shoes at the store for fans and then stopped by the Fred Leighton boutique where she palled around with Debra Messing and finally ended the night partying with Anna Wintour at a party thrown by QVC. Damn, Wintour got around that night.

Lauren Conrad: Conrad was one of the few celebs to celebrate FNO over here on the east coast. I guess us Los Angelenos don't know much about fashion (It's true, in Hollywood it's not unheard of to wear stilettos to walk your dog or go hiking. We really are a mess over here). LC represented the West Coast at the Grove in LA where she signed autographs and promoted her Paper Crown collection at Nordstrom. She also gave a private styling session to a few lucky VIP fans.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen: The twins looked strangely elegant in silk blouses and oversized men's blazers when they made their appearance at FNO last night. The girls attended the New York JCPenny's "Miss for a Must" event, where people could trade in regrettable outfit pieces for a JCPenney giftcard. So, I could bring in my midriff exposing halter tops with the zipper front and get a giftcard for that?

Leighton Meester: The Gossip Girl starlet stopped by Tiffany & Co in NYC but aside from standing around and looking pretty, she also took to the stage inside the store and gave shoppers a musical performance with her Check in the Dark bandmates. The entire party at Tiffany's was a disco inspired dance party headlined by Meester herself.