David's Bridal Will Still Sell Kim Kardashian Inspired Wedding Dresses

November 4, 2011 By:

Even though Kim Kardashian got divorced after only 72 days of Holy matrimony with Hubby Kris Humphries, David’s Bridal is still going to go ahead with selling replicas of Kim K’s two wedding day gowns.

While some are saying that wearing a Kim K inspired wedding dress will “curse” the marriage, David’s Bridal has already gone into production on a “Kim-inspired tulle ball gown” like the one she wore at the ceremony and another “mermaid gown” like she wore at the reception.

I guess the marketing for the dress could be…Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress, for brides who want something short term. Or what about, Kim K’s wedding style…for brides who don’t want to be taken too seriously.

Vera Wang designed the original Kim K gowns, and the replicas will go on sale in February as part of the White by Vera Wang collection for David’s Bridal.

“The entire White by Vera Wang spring 2012 collection will be available exclusively at David's Bridal stores next season,” says David’s Bridal executive VP Brian Beitler.

However, some sources are saying, “Some on the sales side worry the dresses are cursed.”

Do people really believe in that? Just don’t have E! orchestrate your entire wedding and your marriage will have the same 50/50 chances of surviving just like everybody else.

Vera had no idea that the gowns she designed for Kim were for such a short-lived marriage.

“Vera cultivated the relationship with the Kardashians years ago. Everyone was taken for a ride on this one,” adds the source.

Unfortunately for Vera, she’s designed several other wedding dresses for doomed marriages. But the knock-off versions of those dresses sold incredibly well amongst regular women. Then again, those marriages lasted longer than 72 days, so shoppers had more time to assume the marriages were real.

Vera designed the strapless gown that Jessica Simpson wore to her marriage with Nick Lachey. The dress featured hand embellished custom beading of crystals and pearls.

The look-a-likes of that dress retailed for about $11,000 and were snatched up fast by fans that wanted to dress like their favorite newlywed reality TV couple.

Vera also designed the dress that Mariah Carey wore to her 1993 wedding to Tommy Mottola. The dress had a 27-foot train, inspired by Princes Dianna’s. Naturally this dress flew off the shelves when knock-offs were made.