Everyone Is Giving Kim Kardashian Wedding Advice

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Everyone Is Giving Kim Kardashian Wedding Advice
From one reality star to another, Kendra Wilkinson is doling out wedding advice for bride-to-be Kim K.

Who better to give advice than someone who was a playmate at 19 and once touted as Olive Garden's "Biggest Celebrity Fan" so really, Kendra Wilkinson is the expert on everything from dating to fine dining. Whether Kim wants the advice or not, she's gonna get it.

The wise Kendra says, "I made sure my dress was in a completely separate room and that no one went in there." Ok, great advice, what else you got?

"Good music is key. If there is good music then people are dancing and having fun and nothing else matters." Great advice, "if people are dancing, nothing else matters." Someone should let President Obama know that, let's just choreograph a nationwide flash-mob and nothing else will matter! "What's a debt ceiling!? hahaha I'm too busy dancing!"

Other celebs who want to throw advice at Kim is Tyra Banks, but let's face it, Tyra banks would teach a dog how to smize if given the opportunity.

Tyra tells People, "I gave [Kim] the advice of going with a silhouette that the world isn't used to seeing her in. So we'll see."

We know that Kim has chosen a Vera Wang creation and close friends, including Banks, have seen the photos from the fitting. "What she showed me was so beautiful. it's interesting because they were pictures from a fitting, but it actually looked like the wedding, like her hair was done. So it was like a real almost dress rehearsal and she looked absolutely beautiful," says Tyra.

Kim is no stranger to the camera and knows that shedding for the wedding is a must. With only a week until the wedding, she debuted her slimmed down figure in a floor length white gown by Antonio Berardi at the Do Something Awards last night.

To get in shape for the big day she enlisted two personal trainers, Gunnar Peterson and Tracy Anderson. Why she needs two? I do not know? One for her butt and one for the rest of her body? I kid, I kid. Anderson says, "With me, she's doing free-arm [exercises] where I'm changing the movements all the time, and also dance aerobics."

The wedding is 5 days away, I might be more excited for this than I will be for my actual wedding.
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