Fashion Don't: Kim Kardashian and Anne Hathaway Edition

October 24, 2012 By:
Fashion Don't: Kim Kardashian and Anne Hathaway Edition

The award for this week’s Most Fashionable Stumbles goes to the always hit-or-miss Kim Kardashian and, in a surprising nomination, the usually always stunning Anne Hathaway.

Let’s start with the easier of the duo to get a grip on: Kim K. With Anne, we’re all going to need a minute. Or two. Times ninety-four.

The Complex Magazine may want to retract their "Hottest Reality TV star" title after Kim stepped out in Miami in this unflattering black crop top (or is it a sports bra?). It raises a whole bunch of head-scratching multiple-choice questions like “Was this Kanye approved?” and “Why did the Kim Kardashian cross the road wearing THAT? Don’t get to the other side, Kim! No!! Change first!!!”

All I know is that this crop top definitely didn’t score well on the fractions section of its SATs: the proportions on this were all off. Kim paired it with a simple pencil skirt, chunky metallic belt buckle, gold Louboutins, and quilted clutch that are fine little staple pieces, but it’s a fashion combo that completely trips up over itself thanks to that poorly chosen top that just does not divide well with her bod.

Okay, your 188 minutes are up. Time for Anne Hathaway. Our poor little darling Anne Hathaway. Annie stepped out in a pair of illustrious “mom jeans,” presumably running late for a kid’s soccer game, creepier that she has no kids of her own to watch there. This can’t be Anne, the same woman one who always looks so fashionable on a red carpet.

This must be a case of being forced against her will, a high-waisted ransom. It’s the only explanation. (In related news: Rachel Zoe just went into cardiac arrest.) Anne, please take those pair of jeans and toss them, so that the stars and planets can align once again.