Has Kanye West Changed Kim K's Style?

July 4, 2012 By:

If you’re still trying to wrap your head around Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s matching white outfits at the BET Awards, I guarantee more mind baffling style choices as long as these two continue to date each other.

Some are saying that Kanye is dressing Kim now, and regardless if he’s truly her new stylist it’s obvious her style has totally changed since meeting him.

For starters, she’s been wearing her hair in a slick back ponytail most of the time. When it’s not pulled in a ponytail, she’s wearing it pushed back off her face like she combed her hair off her forehead with gel and just didn’t wait for it to dry.

This bizarre new hairdo is a far cry from her usually wavy hair with a middle part. She’s also removed her hair extensions because he reportedly told her to.

As for her clothes, Kanye is trying to get her into couture duds, since he’s a fashion designer now, but mostly she’s been dressing exclusively in black, white, and grey as opposed to her usual (now: “old”) wardrobe of bright, clingy Vegas-type dresses with tons of cleavage.

Kim’s also literally wearing no make-up now. She’s wearing what appears to be foundation, mascara and the tiniest hint of blush.

Kim usually wears too-much make-up, but her toned down face makes her look like a pre-nose-job Kim. Just saying.

Even as Kanye’s plus-1 to Paris’ elite Couture Week, she was still wearing very muted make-up.

I think Kanye likes his women to look a certain way and is molding Kim into his make-up free, plain hair, monochromatic dress-up doll.