Kardashian Kollection Handbags Knock-Off Designer Handbags

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More bad news for the Kardashian Klan. There’s probably no such thing as bad press for a Kardashian because they seem to profit no matter what, but the girls have come under fire for designing a range of handbags that look like knock-off’s of actual designer handbags.

You can call the Kardashian Kollection a “designer” but let’s call it what it is, it’s Sears. So no, not designer.

The Kardashian sisters launched their Kardashian Kollection handbag line exclusively in Australia, but people are pointing fingers that they look very similar to a variety of designer handbags.

Did the Kardashian’s think that if they launched the bags only in Australia that nobody will notice?

Khloe: People are going to notice that we stole the designs for our handbags.

Kourtney: Take them to Australia then. It’s called the “land down under” for a reason. Only Kangaroos live there or something.

Kim: What Kourtney said.

The Kardashian’s have even labeled the bags as “tribute” bags. Lol. A tribute is like when a drag queen dresses up as Britney Spears and does a performance in West Hollywood. That’s a “tribute.” Stealing a better brands designs and calling it your own is not a “tribute."

Apparently the designers that served as “inspiration” for the girls are Alexander Wang, Chanel and Balenciaga. But the specific bags they knocked off are the Balenciaga “Part Time” bag, the Chloe’s “Marcie” bag, and Foley + Corinna’s “City Bag.”

Steven Kolb, CEO of the CFDA released this statement:

“All designers deserve the right to design protection and only the creator of an original design should profit from that design. Taking someone’s work and calling it your own is wrong and robs the designer of a rightful return of their investment."

The girls are probably regretting making those statements that the designed “the entire thing ourselves.”

But if you’re a Kardashian fan and don’t care that they rip-off other designers, here are some quotes of the Kardashian girls talking about handbags. “My weight fluctuates, so I can invest in shoes and bags and it doesn’t matter what size I am, they’re still going to fit,” say Khloe.

Good old Khloe, way to make this a “weight issue” thing.

Kim says, “I think that all women love bags; it’s like the perfect accessory.”

And Khloe says, “Even Kourtney says some of the bags she would use as a diaper bag for her baby.” Not a selling point Khloe. Nobody wants to think about diapers when you’re trying to promote your bags.
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