Kim Kardashian: I Have Cellulite

January 8, 2010 By:

Kim Kardashian is infamous for her curves. The bootylicious reality star got some flak lately for losing too much weight, but Kim insists despite slimming down, she just can't get rid of her cellulite!

"I don't have a problem telling people, 'Hey, look, I have cellulite!'" Kardashian said during a radio interview Friday on Atlanta's Q100.

"I do everything I can in my power to fix it. I never said cellulite was cute," the reality star added. "But I have it. I embrace it, I'm okay with it!"

She doesn't mind the cellulite because it makes her more "relatable" to fans. And really, who doesn't have a little cellulite?

"I looked really toned," she said of the QuickTrim ads that sparked some controversy. "I got a lot of flak for that. [People said] 'Oh, don't lose your curves! Why did you lose weight?'....You look heavier when you're on TV, so it's better to get [your weight] down."

Luckily right after the shoot came the holidays and a few trips to New Orleans to see her longtime love, Reggie Bush. And what's New Orleans infamous for? Great food! "The weight I'm at now is the perfect weight for me," she says "I'm still extremely curvy."

We love that Kim can admit to having cellulite. She had to diet and really watch what she ate for the shoot and doesn't pretend to be perfect. She works hard for that body!