Kim Kardashian Owns 224 Pairs of Louboutins

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I think Kim Kardashian has Blake “I Buy 40 Louboutin Heels At A Time” Lively beat in terms of her Louboutin obsession.

Appearing in L’Uomo Vogue, Kim Kardashian revealed, “I have a collection of 224 pairs of Louboutins.”

For starters, WOAH, also, Kim Kardashian in Vogue? What!?

Kim also rattled on about being rich in the magazine.

“Yes, I was born rich; it was a classic Californian lineage: lavishness and ostentation, luxury mansions with pools, private clubs, exclusive friendships, and luxury cars. Despite the affluence, at only 31 I’ve been able to build my own empire in the world of entertainment and although looks and friendships are important, I want the new generation to understand that if you don’t believe in yourself and in your own ideas, you go nowhere,” says Kim.

This interview was translated from Italian to English and I think A LOT was lost in translations, namely “sex tape,” “booty” “quick trim” and “E! Network.”

Anyways, if Kim wasn’t the tabloid fixure that she currently is, she would list her “occupation” as a teacher.

“I would have liked to be a teacher,” admits Kim K, “I always say prayers before going to bed, I would have liked to spend more time with my dad and speak with my fans.”

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