Kim Kardashian's Diamond Wedding Headpiece, and Other Stars Who Love Headpieces

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Kim Kardashian\'s Diamond Wedding Headpiece, and Other Stars Who Love Headpieces
We all knew Kim Kardashian's wedding was going to be over-the-top, so the fact that she wore a diamond headpiece isn't surprising at all. Kim wore a stunning, yet simple, strapless gown by Vera Wang, and also did her make up very subdued, so she wanted to add some bling, on where else, her forehead.

Kim had her usual make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic by her side to give her a glamorous and timeless make-up look so it wouldn't overpower the Christmas lights, er tiara, er headpiece resting on her forehead.

A source tells Us Weekly, "She looked very Armenian, like an Armenian princess." While another insider said that Kim "wants to be the most polished, elegant version of herself and [look] timeless."

Whether you hate the headpiece or love it, it's not denying that celebs have adopted the trend of the headpiece. While most would say that diamonds dangling on the forehead is little over-the-top (literally, pun intended), a headpiece can be pulled off for a wedding. But some celebs wear them in everyday life.

Khloe Kardashian: I wonder if Khloe was the one to inspire Kim to wear a headpiece as Khloe rocked a House of Harlow brass headpiece which has 7 strands and is lined with coins. Yes coins, a Kardashian lining her head in gold coins. Is there an even less subtle way to tell the world that you have lots of money?

Beyonce: Beyonce wore a ridiculous Egyptian-inspired headpiece in her "Run the World" video. This headpiece was far more extravagant than Kim's but again, this is a Beyonce music video, so really, anything goes.

Vanessa Hudgens: Vanessa wore a gold coin headdress at the premiere of her latest movie, "Sucker Punch." it was a simple gold coin headdress, er as simple as a gold coin headdresses can get.

Amber Rose: Famous for dating Kanye West, Amber Rose stepped out to dinner recently with her current boyfriend, Wiz Khalifa, wearing a beaded headpiece with dangly side pieces. It was a little much, but Amber Rose routinely goes out on the town without pants on, so headpieces for Amber Rose are what flip flops are for regular girls.

Sophie Monk: The Brit born actress/singer ditched the beads and went for a feathered headdress in late 2010 for a night out.

Kylie Minogue: Minogue kicked off her Aphrodite Les Foiles tour earlier this year donning a beaded headpiece and some angel ears. The theme was Greek mythology, so I guess she was trying to look like a goddess with that dangly headpiece.

Kate Middleton: While they aren't traditional headpieces, how can you talk about headwear without mentioning those silly British fascinators worn by all the royals. The US became fascinated with fascinators after the Royal Wedding. The weirdest fascinators were worn by Princesses Bea and Eugenie whose hats were like giant works of art delicately balancing on their foreheads.

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