Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Mario Reveals His Beauty Secrets

May 3, 2010 By:

Admit it, you envy Kim Kardashian for her gorgeous skin, makeup and overall glammed up look on the red carpet. What if we told you we found her secret weapon?

Makeup artist to the stars, Mario Dedivanovic is giving Hollyscoop the low down on how he gives Kim that radiant red carpet glow--as well as some other amazing beauty tips. Read on beauty lovers...

What kind of lashes do you use on your clients to give them a dramatic look?

Mario: “I use different kinds of lashes - both strips and individuals. It really depends on the look I'm going for. I love the Ardell brand of false lashes. MAC individual lashes are a favorite too and often times I make my own design using strips or individuals - I glue pieces together or cut into them to get my desired look.”

What foundation or concealer do you use under your clients eyes to give that radiant look?

Mario: “Under the eyes, I use concealer. If the area is very dark, I'll use a cream concealer first like Laura Mercier's secret camouflage and follow with a liquid concealer on top. I love the new liquid high definition concealer from Smashbox cosmetics.

How can us regular folks get that gorgeous red carpet glow on our skin?

Mario: “Very easily actually! I created the perfect highlighter for Giella Cosmetics called Eye M Glam. It gives a sheer golden glow to the skin and you can use it anywhere on the face or body. I always apply some to the cheekbones, bridge of nose, inner corner of eyes and on the collarbones. I literally can’t work without it - it makes my clients look so polished and radiant. Eye M Glam is sold at

What one key product do you use on your clients to help flatter their skin?

Mario: “I would definitely say the Eye M Glam highlighter. I use it on everyone and anyone because it flatters the skin with a youthful glow.”

How do you make sure your make up doesn’t melt off during a night out on the town?

Mario: “Try using a primer first because it will help makeup to last longer. For longer lasting makeup, its important to powder the skin after foundation. Powder will hold everything in place.”

Are there any products you use before to make sure your make up stays in place?

Mario: “Not really. I just always set makeup with powder to keep everything in place. Sometimes I will spray Fix + by MAC over everything to help set the makeup. If a client has dry skin, I spray The Mist by La Mer all over face after makeup is complete. It adds moisture and sort of wakes up the skin.”

Are there any products that you use to get rid of shine?

Mario: “There are different products and/or techniques for this. Sometimes I start off with a anti-shine cream on the T-zone. This absorbs the oils and leaves the skin with a matte finish. Oil blotting tissues are also amazing. Use them throughout the day or night to absorb oils without messing with the makeup.”

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