Sketcher's Shape-Up Sued, Kim Kardashian Still Wears 'Em

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Sketcher\'s Shape-Up Sued, Kim Kardashian Still Wears \'Em
Sketchers Shape-Up, those ridiculous shoes with a wedged sole that claim to tone your butt and legs even if it means looking like a sartorial idiot, have been sued by the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising.

The FTC says that Sketcher straight-up lied about clinical studies that the company touted in advertisements, false claims like the shoes help you lose weight, strengthen muscles in the ass, legs and stomach. Research shows that people actually gained weight when wearing Sketcher’s shape-ups.

Anyways, Sketchers has agreed to pay out $45 million in settlement costs because they say it will be too expensive to fight every single lawsuit.

The real issue here is…what does this mean for Kim Kardashian? The official “face” (err “feet”) of the Sketchers brand?

In a nutshell, Kim is saying screw the FTC, these shoes made her the famous piece of ass she is today. Literally, she thinks Sketcher shape-ups firmed her giant butt!

That being said, Kim’s contract with the shoe brand ended in January, but she started to hear about research that the shoe didn’t work before then and stopped promoting it all together.

So what’s going on here? Moral of the story: Kim stills owns her Shape-Ups and might wear them now and again but she doesn’t want to get caught up in the lawsuit.

Sketcher’s spokesperson is still selling and advertising their shoes with all the weight-loss claims.
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