The Cost of Being a Kardashian

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Nope, it’s not your everlasting soul! Not explicitly, at least. When it was reported that Kate Middleton supposedly spends around $35,000 on her hair and face over the course of a year, the Kris Jenner hype machine ‘a source’ cranked out some information for a story about what it takes for the uptake of an average Kardashian.

The divulged beauty treatments, which don’t include butt injections (kidding) or butt injection upkeep (kidding again?), reportedly add up to $102,000 a year.

According to The Daily Mail, Kim’s regular regimen includes:

- Biweekly facials, including 24-karat-gold facials and glycolic face peels at the Beverly Hills Salon (about $1250 a pop)
- Permanent eyelash extensions
- Fraxel laser treatments ($3,500 a round)
- Laser cellulite removal
- Daily massages, skin and nail treatments in Beverly Hills ($150. A day.)
- Philip Wolff styling and extension sessions ($785)

She pays for all of this zapping and peeling and filing with her many artistic and culturally relevant endeavors, like ShoeDazzle and the Kardashian Kollection for Sears. If you multiply the cost of all of that stuff by 5 for each of the sisters and you could still keep them all going for almost 10 years on Kim’s sex tape court settlement alone.
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