Why Kim's CR Fashion Book Cover Is (Sort Of) Better Than Vogue

September 4, 2013 By:
Why Kim's CR Fashion Book Cover Is (Sort Of) Better Than Vogue

We’ve all heard the many rumors of Kim Kardashian vying for a VOGUE cover. But even after that one secret pre-Met Gala dinner, the chances of a reality star covering Vogue still seemed pretty improbable.

Last night the CR Fashion Book Instagram account posted a picture of a brunette wearing a Margiela crystal mask and Givenchy couture earrings to tease the upcoming cover. But we never expected that the cover star would be fashion’s biggest frenemy.

In case you’ve forgotten (How dare you!), CR Fashion Book is Carine Roitfeld’s half magazine/half book creation. After leaving Vogue Paris, Carine decided to focus on projects that were closer to her heart. (How did Anna Wintour feel about that? You’ll have to watch Carine’s upcoming documentary "Mademoiselle C" to find out.)

In some ways this cover is pretty much a hair flip in the direction of Anna Wintour. Since Kim couldn’t land the cover of Vogue, she went for a completely non Conde Nast-endorsed publication (and a more fashion-y mag at that).

The days of model-graced Vogue covers are long gone. Much to our dismay, it’s been actress after actress with very few style stars. CR Fashion Book is nothing like that. Take a look back at some of their previous editorials.

Really, we should have seen this coming from a mile away. Carine is BFFs with Riccardo Tisci (the designer of Kim’s floral Met Gala gown), and Riccardo is BFFs with Kanye. Carine was introduced to Kanye by Riccardo - it was bound to happen.

But why is this better than a Vogue cover? Because Vogue has to sell magazines and therefore has to keep its cover girls pretty mainstream. CR Fashion Book is 100 percent dedicated to high fashion and is less about pleasing the masses and high-profile advertisers. 

If Kim Kardashian wants to be taken more seriously in the fashion world, this is a step in the right direction. While a Vogue cover would have been epic, it would almost have been a parody, while her CR cover is anything but.