How Much Did the Twilight Breaking Dawn Wedding Actually Cost?

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When I think about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s eventual real-life nuptials, I image that K-Stew will be wearing Converse All-Stars and a flannel shirt that she fashioned into a dress while R-Patz will play the wedding march himself on his guitar and guests will feast on steamed edamame, because I just assume that K-Stew and R-Patz are some frugal vegan types.

But alas, in Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1, Kristen and Robert play Bella and Edward, two star crossed lovers who get married at 18 years old, because that’s a normal thing for two teenagers in love to do…get married.

But anyways, if you’ve seen the film, or at least the trailers, you can tell that this is a very expensive looking wedding. From thousands of white blossom garlands hanging everywhere to the designer couture wedding dress worn by Bella, this wedding has been estimated to cost $38,000.

“But you can’t put a price on love” says someone who’s in love with a vampire. Well, you can, and according to the people over at they’ve broken down the entire Bella and Edward Wedding to estimate how much it hypothetically cost.

Here’s some of the highlights: according to Centives, the Christmas lights hanging for three miles in front of the Cullen house “is a very expensive touch costing $8,510.88 according to a quote from Home Depot.”

Bella’s wedding dress was designed by Carolina Herrera and her dresses usually retail for around $6000. Bella’s engagement ring was handed down through the Cullen family, so they saved some money there, but Edward wears a wedding band and those usually cost around $600.

Now let’s talk about those floral arrangements. If we estimate that each flower cost about $1 per stem, they probably spent about $20,000 just on flowers! I don’t know if that’s normal, but it doesn’t seem like it.

The whole thing comes out to $38,000, and this is a fake wedding for a vampire and a girl that just graduated from high school like 3 months prior. The only other fake wedding I’ve heard of costing that much is the one belonging to Kim Kardashian, which reportedly cost $10 million.

The average American wedding in 2010 cost about $27,800, which is basically just the cost for the Cullens flowers and wedding dress.

However, this movie wedding is nothing compared to the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William, which costs something in the ballpark of $60 million.
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