Kristen Stewart Doing Fan-Submitted Q&A Next Week

October 11, 2012 By:

Kristen Stewart will be doing a live Q&A next week from questions submitted by fans like you! Yes, Twihards, this is your chance to ask all your burning questions like, “What was it like when you fell in love with Rob and then cheated on him and now is your heart broken or are you taking him back and what is your favorite color?”

But here’s the catch, the interview will reportedly only cover her role as the new face of Balenciaga fragrance Florabotanica.

So you can submit your questions on their site, but only 20 questions will be chosen for K-Stew to answer and she’s only picking questions that relate to the Balenciaga fragrance. Boooo.

The interview will be streamed live on October 18, 2012.

Here is just a sample of some of the most ridiculous fan-submitted questions thus far. ED NOTE: We did not edit of fix the grammar or spelling in some of these questions. These are verbatim the questions people sent in to Kristen. Proceed with caution, these Twihards be crazy.

“do you feel your betrayal left the man you love doubt you over & over again. There is a way to make the love of your life fully trust you again, but you will just have to follow.”

“How does it feel like to be with two British men at the same time?”

“Kristen ! Do you have a plan to write book ?”

“What makes you realize that Robert Pattinson is the one that keeps you alive?”

“Hi Kristen! Suppose your bottle of Florabotanica broke and it was the very last bottle and you could never get another bottle ever. Would you cry over it and do something like collect the perfume with a towel and squeeze it back to the bottle? BTW you have made me who I am today and I wanna thank you for inspiring me to be who I am…”

“Would you let your boyfrend lick your armpits if you sprinkle it by Florabotanica?”

“So, how can you be ok with being the face of a perfume when you has criticised actresses for selling themselves for years? Also, you’ve admitted that you’ve never worn perfume before so are you doing this for the money and you’re a giant hypocrite or some other reason?”

“How many volts is Rob’s power tool?”

“If you were an painter , what would like to draw a picture of a homeless child, and why?”

“HI! beautiful. Are you and Rob. together?”

“Do you like Russia?”