Gaga Releases Latest "You and I" Fashion Video

September 21, 2011 By:

Gaga just released the third installment of her five-part “You and I” fashion film series. First we met Nymph, the make-up free Gaga with the long flowing blonde hair. The second video features another alter-ego called Bride, the dramatic half-robot woman with the huge floppy hat.

Now Gaga releases her 3rd fashion video for “You and I” where she appears as her mermaid alter-ego Yuyi. Basically Gaga plays a chain-smoking mermaid. If mermaids had hookers, this is what I imagine they would look like.

Gaga thrashes around in a directors-style chair, bound by her tail. Throughout the video are images of “regular” people, which I’m assuming are supposed to be old-fashion Nebraska folk, since “You and I” is a song about Gaga’s Nebraska lover.

These fashion videos are cool, or whatever, but frankly I’m sick of hearing “You and I” so many times.

With only two videos left to be released, I’m wondering which alter-ego’s are left. I’m assuming we’ll meet Jo Calderone again. Le sigh.

Speaking of fashion (awkward segue, don’t worry about it), Lady Gaga’s sister, a budding fashion designer says she isn’t bothered by Gaga’s over-the-top fashion sense.

Gaga’s sister is Natali Germanotta, a 19-year-old fashion student at Parsons who says she encouraged Gaga to wear the bee-keeper hat and the lace pantsuit when Gaga attended Natali’s high-school graduation last year.

Natali reminisces, “She asked me, ‘Should I dress really conservative and look not like myself, or should I do it over-the-top and freak everybody out?’ And I was like, ‘The latter, definitely the latter.’”

However, Natali does draw the line somewhere, “Some of the stuff she wears I’d be like, ‘No, never.’”

But, Gaga’s clown wardrobe does have its advantages when Natali’s parents accuse Natali of dressing too racy. “Whenever I wear something crazy and my dad gives me a hard time, I say, ‘Well, at least I’m not walking out on the street with red pasties,’ and he’ll be like, ‘Good point.’”

But Gaga and her sis have plans to team up and create a fashion line together. This will probably be for the best, whenever Gaga pitches something outrageous (like wearing a bee-keeper hat to a high school graduation) Natali will reel her in and be like “How about just a large hat?”

A source told Grazia Magazine last month, “Gaga came up with the idea of remodeling the styles of classic icons from the past, for example Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Katharine Hepburn. Natali loved the idea and she’s coming up with a slew of design options but, of course, everything will have their own iconic twist on it.”