Lady Gaga Buys Fake Designer Duds

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Lady Gaga Buys Fake  Designer Duds
Lady Gaga is JUST like us! Because who hasn't arrived to the VMA's shrouded in a giant egg, I mean, c'mon, we can ALL relate? No, that's not it, Lady Gaga says she buys fake designer clothes and handbags, as in knock-offs, as in that "Prada" purse you gave me for Christmas I'm sure was purchased in a tiny alley in the "fashion district" of downtown LA. See, the stars are just like us!

Gaga was chatting to some fans recently about how to save money and be fashionable like her and she told fans that you shouldn't spend money on designer clothing when you can get stuff that looks exactly the same for way less money.

Does Gaga know she is doling out illegal advice? Buying and selling designer knock-offs is actually illegal. Guess I gotta get rid of all those "Rulex" watches.

According to Gaga, who is a world traveler and a fashion expert (apparently), she told fans, "In Tokyo, they have all these stores that have fake Chanel and Versace. I'm an Italian from New York, so I still buy it. This jacket is a fake."

Gaga, who sings the praises of high-end fashion couture better watch her mouth about buying knock-offs, or Thierry Mugler wont be sending her anymore studded leather headresses and matching couture whips.

Also, Gaga stated in June that she was having a "love affair" with Donatella Versace's designs and that she vowed to wear nothing but Versace for two months. I guess that is over, because Gaga is currently having a love affair with Bersace, the Versace knock-off that she picked up in China.
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