Lady Gaga Dyes Her Hair 'Louis Vuitton' Brown

August 20, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga Dyes Her Hair 'Louis Vuitton' Brown

Gaga has gone to the dark side. No, she’s not rocking real fur now. She ditched her platinum blonde locks for hair brown! Gasp!

Lady Gaga returned to her natural brunette hair color and posted the transition on her twitter page. “Time to be brave," she wrote with a photo of her with the dye in her hair.

She even dyed her brows brown to match her new hair color.

But she didn’t go all dark, she kept one streak of blonde on the left side of her head--she calls it "one streak of bad.”

"I'm gonna leave one streak of bad by my left ear. Lady when it’s down, and Gaga when its up. could we belong together? Definitely feeling less blond lately and little more progressive brunette. I am LOUIS VUITTON BROWN. BITCH THATS LV"

She’s been every color in the rainbow in the past, and if there is one thing that’s constant about Lady Gaga, it's change.

Most of her little monsters love the new color, do you?