Lady Gaga's Diet and Workout Routine Revealed

May 26, 2011 By:
Lady Gaga's Diet and Workout Routine Revealed

As much as she preaches we are “Born This Way,” the Gaga works hard for her rock hard body. Those Madonna-like arms, those Dancing with the Stars abs, those made-for-leotards legs? Nobody is born like that. So how does she do it?

Trainer for the stars, Harley Pasternak, describes Lady Gaga’s workout routine. Listen up, little monsters, GODga worshipers and West Hollywood gays, this is how you too can get a body like hers.

The Lady works out for 35 minutes, 5 times a day. Her workouts focus on strength training because let’s face it, performing a Lady Gaga show is more than enough cardio.

To get a Gaga butt, do six sets of 20 skater lunges. "You cross your right leg behind your left and drop your right knee like you're curtseying," Pasternak explains. This step is very important, because Gaga never wears any pants.

More lunges will tone up your thighs. Do another six sets of 20 reverse lunges while holding a 10-pound hand weight.

Because most of Gaga’s costumes look like biker chic lingerie, great abs is very important, so naturally Gaga goes for bicycle crunches as opposed to normal sit-ups.

Lastly, Gaga does over-the-head dumbbell extensions for the triceps and lateral dumbbell raises for shoulder tone.

And to eat? Gaga sticks to a strict diet of “three meals and two snacks daily that consist of lowfat protein, fiber, healthy carbs and fats.” However, she does get one cheat day a week to eat whatever she wants. On this cheat day, she probably eats Barbie dolls and glitter.