Lady Gaga's Stylist Nicola Launching His Own Line

May 4, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga's Stylist Nicola Launching His Own Line

Nicola Formichetti has been dressing Lady Gaga for years. He’s put her in that meat dress, he put her in the Kermit The Frog frock, he’s put her in pasties and fishnet tops, and now the stylist to the star wants to design his own range.

Formichetti is Gaga’s stylist and the creative director of Thierry Mugler, but has plans to launch his own namesake brand.

“This year I wanted to focus on my own dream. Being a stylist, you always hide behind a brand, but because of Gaga and Mugler, I needed to come out onto the scene. I had to embrace it,” Formichetti told Women’s Wear Daily.

He’s obviously known for his unique approach to fashion and his signature line intends to push the envelope of what fashion truly means.

“Why do you have a zipper when you can have a jacket that’s molded to your body?” says Formichetti.

Well, because a jacket that’s molded to your body is a straight jacket. Is that on trend now? *Goes and burns all zippered items from my wardrobe*

The brand has yet to be named, but the first items are expected to be out in 2013.

“It’ll be very digitally oriented and high-tech. We’ve been working with the same fabrics, the same techniques for hundreds of years. That’s all great, but we need something new,” says Formichetti.