Lea Michele Officially Introduced as L'Oreal Paris Spokeswoman

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Lea Michele Officially Introduced as L\'Oreal Paris Spokeswoman
In related Glee crossover fashion news, Lea Michele attended an event in New York City where she was introduced to the press as the new L’Oreal Paris spokeswoman yesterday.

The actress-singer, who plays Rachel Berry on the FOX show, can now officially add the face and ambassador of an international beauty and cosmetics brand to her report card, tweeting:

The 26-year-old makes complete sense for the brand. She’s young, contemporary, and up-and-coming enough as to not overshadow the entire line. Nothing necessarily wrong with the names that Lea’s following in the footsteps of, but women who sell out arenas like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce aren’t exactly the most relatable on the daily. If L’Oreal wants to convey their make up line as touchable again, maybe start with names less untouchable.

Also, I know we’re all supposed to be fixated on the fact that she stepped out in that shiny head-to-toe bronze Lanvin safari jacket dress, but it was really all about Lea’s smoky eyes. L’Oreal did those lashes good!

Lea’s since already flown back to Los Angeles to continue filming the current season of Glee. She’s also in the studio recording her debut studio album that’s rumored to have a lot of dance music and girl power anthems—not just the show tunes and cover music fare we’ve already seen her succeed at on the show.
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