Lea Michele's Red Carpet Dress is Actually a Shirt

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So basically, this means she showed up pants-less. Now that takes guts.

Lea Michele walked the premiere of the new TV series, American Horror Story, Monday night in Los Angeles. She wore what she was passing off as a super short, navy blue lace dress. It looked like it didn’t fit or it was a kid’s size or she was wearing it backwards...something was definitely off. Well it turns out, that’s because it was a shirt. The "dress" was actually a top by ASOS and retails for $52.38. I totally dig celebrities becoming recessionistas, but come on, Lea. Splurge on some pants.

Lea also wore a loose braid and black Brian Atwood booties. And while she looked leggy, there was no denying something was missing from the outfit. Maybe it could’ve worked somewhere else, it just wasn’t right for a TV show premiere. Unless that show was Jersey Shore.

Overall, Michele’s fashion choices are usually hits. But recently, Lea hasn’t been getting the best attention for her red carpet behavior. Modern Family star Sarah Hyland recently mocked Lea’s signature red carpet stance.

On E!’s Fashion Police, Joan Rivers asked Hyland to mimic the Glee stars pose.

Obliging, Hyland said: “So it's like a slow-motion picture kinda thing. It's just like, she puts her hands on her hips like this and sticks out her collarbone — I don't know if you can see — she sticks out her collarbone to make her look skinnier and she goes [pouts lips] sticks out her lips.”

Michele also recently revealed she doesn’t listen to fashion advice and ends up just wearing what she wants.

The actress says that Glee creator Ryan Murphy told her not to wear black to her first Golden Globe Awards.

“Ryan Murphy had told me, 'Don't wear black. You should never wear black. So my stylist pulled floral, beautiful colors. As I'm walking to the bathroom to try them on, I see the Oscar [de la Renta] dress hanging up in her closet. I said 'I'm wearing that.' And I called Ryan, and said 'Ryan, I'm wearing black!'”

Ryan didn’t seem to upset at having his advice ignored:

“When I met Lea, she was only sort of interested in clothes- but in the last two years she's become a red-carpet star. I think what happened is Lea went to an event, and someone said, 'Oh, you look pretty.' It was an interesting moment for her."
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