See Lea Michele In New Candie's Commercial

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“Glee” star Lea Michele is Candies current cover girl and continues her spokeswoman duties for the colorful brand.

Earlier this year Lea debuted her first ads for the Spring campaign and has returned for a fun and flirty Fall campaign for the Kohl’s brand.

The print ads feature Lea is a wardrobe full of teal, gunmetal grey, printed blazers and cute mini dresses and of course, cute shoes, including some suede pink pumps.

Because Candie’s will always be known, first and foremost, as a shoe brand, there’s a couple images of Lea lounging in an empty room surrounded by cascading pillars of heels, flats, and boots. She’s living the dream!

“We’re filming here on the Paramount lot which is so fun because this is where I shoot ‘Glee,’” says Lea in a behind-the-scenes video, “so I’m here all the time, I’m super familiar, so this is basically my house.”

Lea breaks down her role in the TV commercial spot with a very hunky male-model costar.

“I pass by a Kohl’s store and I’m eyeing this amazing pair of Candie’s in the window and there happens to be a very cute boy working inside the store in the window and while I’m staring at the shoes and falling in love with the shoes, he thinks I’m falling in love with him, but girls just love their shoes!” Lea jokes.

The commercial will debut in mid-July on networks nationwide, and the print ads will debut in August in issues of fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Candie’s is available exclusively at Kohl’s. Follow the brand on twitter @Candiesbrand.
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