LeAnn Rimes Debuts New Hair Brown

April 9, 2012 By:

LeAnn Rimes has been blonde forever, but decided to change up her locks to brunette! The result is…ehhh, could be better.

I don’t know if LeAnn is a natural blonde, but in Hollywood, she’s a “natural blonde.” There’s no reason she should ever be boring brown. Meh.

The singer debuted the brown locks last week while walking about in Los Angeles, pairing her new casual hairdo with a denim top, oversized glasses and a long flowy black skirt.

Go back to blonde! Also, stop tweeting bikini pics! Just kidding, kind of, not really, but really.

In other LeAnn Rimes news, there were reports that she was to write a tell-all book about her own affair with Eddie Cibrian.

First of all, I’d read it, because I love tasteless things and picture books, however LeAnn says that there’s no tell-all, bio, or memoir to be written.

She wrote on twitter, “So you all know, I’m blonde & there’s no “tell all” book about divorce, marriage and ‘my side.’ I just laugh at (all) of this!”

Wait, so is she not a brunette? She tweeted, “I’m blonde," is that in response to the brunette hair photos. What does that mean for her hair? Is it temporary? A weave? A wig? Eh, I can’t pretend to care any longer.