Lindsay Lohan Kicked Out of Marc Jacobs After Party

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Lindsay Lohan Kicked Out of Marc Jacobs After Party
Lindsay Lohan caused a scene all over NY Fashion Week.

On Thursday Night, Lindsay attempted to go to the Marc Jacobs after party at the newly opened Gallery at The Dream Hotel in Downtown NYC, but the door staff refused to let Lindsay into the club.

After Lindsay’s friends continued to plead with the doormen, the event organizers kept repeating "it's not going to happen."

The event didn't want to let Lohan into the party because she threw a drink at a waitress the night before at the Standard hotel (more about that later).

Since the Marc Jacobs event promoters wouldn't let LiLo into the hotel, LiLo who is a very famous celebrity with friends in high places, called up her pal Vikram Chatwal, who owns the Dream Hotel and he walked her into the event himself.

So now, Lohan thinks she's in the clear and headed to a booth near Dakota Fanning, who stars in Jacob's ad campaign for his Oh, Lola! Fragrance. But the security team didn't care if Lindsay Lohan owned the building herself, the guards immediately surrounded LiLo and told her she wasn't welcome there.

After 30 minutes of guards hovering around Lindsay's table she finally got up and left herself, but not before demanding that the event's photographer delete photos of her from his camera (The photographer did not).

Then, LiLo who is such a self-respecting woman went back to the same bar that she was throwing glasses at the night prior.

Lindsay’s hell-week began on Wednesday September 14, 2011 at the V Magazine Black and White Ball the The Standard Hotel.

Everything was fine and then suddenly Lindsay Lohan threw a drink, hitting a cocktail waitress. Apparently, Lindsay aim was bad because she was trying to hit a photographer. Which doesn't make this story any better, because why hit a photog who was hired by the party that you are trying to attend?!

So anyways Lindsay threw a glass at this poor cocktail waitresses and then screamed, "Not you, him!" pointing at the photographer.

The photog then tweeted about Lindsay trashy behavior, "Wow. Lindsay Lohan is as trashy as they always say. She threw drinks and glasses to me as we tried to take a shot for @vmagazine. C-nt."

But Lindsay didn't stop the bar brawl there, she was just warming up. As she walked through the bar she was apparently, "sucker-punching a seemingly innocent bystander as she walked past."

I'm surprised LiLo doesn't have people who do that for her, punching people and throwing drinks and stuff. You would think she'd have a member of her entourage hired solely for that purpose.

Anyways, after LiLO was done throwing punches, allovasudden the lights in the bar went on and someone yelled "She's bleeding."

Apparently some woman was lying on the floor and soaked in blood. The security guard said the woman's injury was due to broken glass. It's unsure if the broken glass was from LiLo's flying drinks, but if it is, I hope LiLo is okay with some more hours of house arrest.
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