Lindsay's Airport Style

May 12, 2009 By:
Lindsay's Airport Style

Our favorite one-time actress Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving her Hollywood home going to the airport! And with her best accessory (her sister Ali) by her side, Lindsay showed us all how to have the perfect airport-chic style.

So many celebrities these days are photographed leaving major airports in five-inch heels, paired with short skirts. Although they look great, their looks are completely impractical. But Lindsay got it right!

Lohan was wearing trendy wide leg pants, in what appears to be a light cotton fabric, a comfortable T-shirt, and then pumped up her style factor with a great leather jacket!

We loved Lindsay's jacket so much we think everyone should have one even if you don't wear it to the airport!

We found this great leather bomber jacket at Urban Outfitters! It is a sleek leather-style bomber jacket cropped to the waist just like La Lohan's!

It comes with great quilted detailing along with snapped cuffs. It is only $128.00 and we bet a lot cheaper than Lindsay's first class ticket on Air France!

Happy Hunting!