Louis Vuitton Launching Customized Handbags

July 16, 2012 By:

I’ve never understood the idea of customized luxury products or “bespoke” designs, mostly because: how does the customer know more about fashion than a luxury designer does?

Anyways, rich ladies love to shell out big bucks to design their own handbags, so now Louis Vuitton is launching a new service that allows customers to create their own personalized handbags, with a potential for 80,000 variations.

The service will take place on July 30 and customization sessions will take place at The Haute Maroquinerie – a private salon housed in Vuitton’s Bond Street Maison.

This isn’t some online questionnaire, shoppers will work with experts from the house to choose a handbag style, color, leather and finish.

Then, the orders will be sent to the label’s workshops in Paris where all it’s limited-edition products are produced.

From the time the order is submitted to the final product, it will take about six months to a year.

The five bag shapes you can choose from include the drawstring bag, the padlocked shape, a round but square “bowling ball” bag shape, the “triangle” shape, and the Neo Steamer.

In related LV news, the designer has teamed up with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama for a collection of fun and bright inspired window displays and pop-up stores.

The Kusama collection features a pair of polka dot yellow heels and a pink dotted hand bag, a monogrammed LV bag with polka-dot detailing and a pair of leather and mustard colored heels that feature the signature brown LV monogram with different-sized dots that are just too adorable.