Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 Paris Fashion Show: Cheeky Checkers

October 3, 2012 By:

Let’s add attending a Louis Vuitton runway show to our bucket list. Previous season’s spectacles included a steam train, a carousel, elevators…what’s next? Cruise ship? Jet airliner? A rollercoaster?!!?

This spring it’s escalators.

Inspired by French conceptual artist Daniel Buren (who designed the checkerboard catwalk), creative director Marc Jacobs sent his models down the descending runway to embrace another graphic shape, one that stacked up side-by-side to the geometric theme of his most recent Marc Jacobs designs: Squares.

"[Buren’s] work is very graphic with the use of grids and so I took inspiration from his sculptures and installations," said Jacobs backstage of incorporating escalators. "They're a moving pattern, a rhythm, it's a mathematical equation. I just liked graphic patterns, the color with light."

In this context, the spring/summer 2013 collection was a rhythmic and syncopated sight with symmetry that rivaled the mise-en-scene of any Wes Anderson movie, evoking the lateral qualities that stripes easily brought to his New York namesake collection.

It was strict to the point of overlapping into matronly at times (a couple long sleeve full length column dresses in café au lait and black), but always had an essence of mod-itude cool. A-line dresses, pencil skirts, long-sleeve crop tops, and jackets all projected squares in various sizes, while the sequined black maxis and collarless jackets brought the motif to a more abstract level with the reflective sparkles shimmering like tiny squares—a Very Vuitton constellation all its own.

Also noteworthy, this is the first time the “LV” monogram went missing from its handbags, instead letting the Damier checkers speak for themselves. By the show’s finale there were so many checkers whizzing by it nearly had us hailing a cab to the nearest Louis Vuitton store to purcha— Okay, we see what you did there, Marc Jacobs. You just checkmated our wallets. What did you think of the checkered collection? Tweet us your thoughts @modamob.