Madonna Not a Fan of Lourdes' Shaved Head

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Intolerant is not the first word that comes to mind when you think of Madonna (for me it’s monster arms). But when her daughter Lourdes shaved a section of her hair, Madonna couldn’t help going all Mom on her.

In an interview with Marie Claire, she said, ”My daughter has a very strong opinion and she knows what she likes. She has a good sense of style and I like the way she dresses. Sometimes we disagree on things. I don't like that she shaves her head, but she likes it.”

Aside from the fact that shaving part of your head was passé four months ago, Madonna also admits to taking fashion advice from the 15 year old. ''Often it's fun to collaborate with her and I can always look at her and say, 'Does this look OK? Is this good? No? Shoes? No? High-waisted, low-waisted? She's a pretty good judge and very critical.''

Madonna and Lourdes currently collaborate on a clothing line called Material Girl that’s carried in department stores. Lourdes has had all of her teenaged years comprehensively archived by runway photographers, so a wee bit of rebellion and experimentation is probably called for.

Especially when your mom goes on to say in the same interview, ”I think what makes a woman most beautiful is if she's proud of who she is and the way she looks, if she owns herself and doesn't try to hide things or change things, or make something up that doesn't exist or apologize for who she is or what she looks like.''

If your mom keeps being hissy about your hair, Lourdes, just bust out this 80s gem, and ask her what the hell she was thinking.
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