Madonna's Givenchy Designed Super Bowl Fashion

February 6, 2012 By:

Madonna rocked the Super Bowl Half-Time performance last night. She rode on the shoulders of the guys from LMFAO, she did acrobats and cheerleading moves and paraded around with back-up dancers dressed as gladiators, or maybe they were Egyptian gods? Either way, awesome.

Let’s take a lot at the fashion. Madonna’s rode in on a golden throne wearing a dress by Givenchy couture. The long sleeved black outfit featured gold gladiator armor. She paired it with thigh-high boots custom designed by Miu Miu with an “M” on the heel for Madonna. Even though us in the audience and at home could not see the signature “M,” it doesn’t matter because Madonna knew it was there and that’s all that matters.

Also, did you notice that her shoes were flat? Like no heels? I knew something was up when Madonna kept skipping onstage during her performance. I was actually underwhelmed with Madonna’s walk, wondering why she wasn’t stomping the sh-t out of that stage, but at closer look I see she’s not wearing any heels. You can only be so fierce in flats.

Madonna also wore a custom headpiece designed by Philip Treacy and Nicki Minaj’s headdress was designed by Erickson Beamon. No word yet on who designed M.I.A’s headpiece, but since she flipped off the audience during a Madonna show, she’s dead to me.

Later in the show, Madonna changed into what looked like a leather dominatrix style floor length trench coat. She was joined on stage by Cee Lo Green, who was dressed similarly, but because of their obvious size differences, Cee-Lo looked like an S&M teddy bear while Madonna looked like she was wearing her best “Sexy Wizard” costume.