Madonna's "Truth or Dare" Shoe Collection Is Really Good

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Madonna\'s \"Truth or Dare\" Shoe Collection Is Really Good
Back in March, Madonna announced she was launching a shoe collaboration with Aldo, and now the “Truth or Dare” shoes have arrived.

I was expecting overpriced hooker heels and obnoxious lace and skull imagery, but these are really cute shoes.

The shoes are currently available in London at Selfridges until September 1 and after that date, they will become available at ASOS, Nordstrom and Macy’s.

The collection was supposedly inspired by looks from Madonna’s own wardrobe collection over the years, so the shoes have a vintage-esque feel, meaning they aren’t relying on current trends or will go out of style by the time Selfridges is done with them.

The flats start at $125 and the most expensive pair of boots are an over-the-knee lace-up style that will set you back $750.

The majority of the heels are really cute, from small pointed heels with a Louboutin-esque feel to towering stacked pumps with ankle straps, the collection has options for demure heels and totally hot pumps.

There are 23 styles total and is produced by Aldo and created in collaboration with Madonna’s longtime stylist Arianne Phillips. There’s tons of studs, spikes, zipper pulls and metallic accents.

I usually dismiss most of Madonna’s fashion endeavors, but there’s something in here for everyone.

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