Marion Cotillard Lady Dior Photos Unveiled

October 28, 2011 By:
Marion Cotillard Lady Dior Photos Unveiled

Marion Cotillard is the lovely actress who made a name for herself starring in the French film, "La Vie en Rose" and has since appeared in "Inception," "Midnight in Paris" and will appear in the upcoming "The Dark Knight Rises." Like most Oscar caliber actresses, their side job is acting as the face for luxury brands.

Cotillard is now modeling handbags in the new Christian Dior ad campaign. The photoshoot took place at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills with photographer Steven Klein. In the ad, Cotillard poses in front a pool in what looks like the back yard of the home and the Hollywood sign can be glimpsed in the background.

Cotillard poses with a multi-colored crocodile Lady Dior handbag with her hair long dark and a subtle black top so the focus is all about the handbag.

Strangely enough, the ad will run in the International Herald Tribune and Financial Times beginning November 14. I guess those investment bankers have to have something to look at, right?

However, the ad should run in more magazines in December. Giovanna Battaglia styled Marion for the ad. Julien d'Ys worked on her tresses and Christophe Danchaud did her make-up.

Marion has worked with the brand since 2009 when she first became the face of the Lady Dior handbag campaign. She also starred in a Dior mini movie directed by John Cameron where she played a character created by John Galliano. This Dior campaign resulted in a musical collaboration with British indie rock band Franz Ferdinand where she provided the vocals for a song by the group titled "The Eyes of Mars."

To date, Marion has starred in a handful of Lady Dior ads. She strolled the streets of New York with an oversized brown leather handbag. She hugged a Dior purse close to her as she appeared nearly make-up less underneath the Eiffel Tower. She also traveled to Shanghai for the brand and modeled a leather suit and business lady-like structured purse. She also donned a mod brunette wig for a photo shoot in London.

I don't know what the Lady Dior mission statement is, but it seems like it's "Dior travels well."

In other Marion Cotillard news, the actress/model will appear in the French film "Rust and Bone" and also as Miranda Tate in the next Dark Knight film. In "The Dark Knight Rises", she plays an employee of Wayne Enterprises and will help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne back to health.