Elizabeth Olsen: I Never Borrow Mary-Kate and Ashley's Clothes

January 31, 2012 By:

What a waste of having fashionable sisters. Break-out actress Elizabeth Olsen says she hasn’t borrowed clothes from Mary-Kate and Ashley since she was 14. If my older sisters were Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, I wouldn’t even go to sleep in anything less than a $300 t-shirt in taupe from The Row.

Anyways, Elizabeth Olsen says the reason why she can’t wear Mary-Kate and Ashley’s hand-me-downs is because she is so much bigger than them. Right, I forgot about how those Olsen twins are tiny pixie women.

Elizabeth says she hasn’t raided their closet since she was 14.

“As I passed them [in height], it was awful because all my friends would get their clothes and I got nothing,” says Elizabeth. “Pants and shoes never fit me after 14, but all my friends would say, ‘Oh this? This is Mary-Kate’s.’ I’d be like, ‘I hate you, that’s so cute.’”

Without her sisters second hand clothes, she had to develop her own tastes. However, she says she’s still learning about fashion.

“I appreciate it [fashion], consciously or not, I’ve always worn clothes to express my year. When I think of myself in the 9th grade, there were very specific clothes I remember I wore,” says the actress.

As for her style now, she says her favorite labels are Marni, Celine, Chanel and Isabel Marant. However, it wasn’t until she started gaining recognition for her work in indie flicks like “Martha Marcy May Marlene” that she had to force herself to learn about fashion, so you know, she can get thru interviews like this.

“I didn’t know all this stuff before [last] year, but I thought I should probably become more aware, so I can have more of a say in what I wear.”

So what’s her favorite outfit? “I like sexy leather leggings and slacks and a good jacket. That’s what I like day or night,” reveals Elizabeth.