Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen: Most Influential Under 30 in Fashion

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Forbes just published it’s first ever 30 Under 30: Fashion list, which honors individuals under the age of 30 that are fashions top names. Naturally, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen made the list, who at age 25 have pioneered looking professionally homeless a multi-million-dollar clothing empire.

The girls launched this year and have three labels, The Row, Elizabeth + James and Olsenboye. They were also named by Vogue as the best dressed siblings of 2011. They also sold an alligator skin back pack for $39,000 from their The Row label, and doing that has got to land them on a list somewhere.

Other famous names on the list include fashion wunderkid, Alexander Wang who at the age of 28 has grown his label into a “full-blown lifestyle brand.”

Forbes compiles the list based on the questions: “Who is reinventing the world? Who should you hire today? Who will you be working for in 20 years? Who, under the age of 30, matters?”

Another fashionable under-30 on the list is 28-year-old Joseph Altuzarra who is being called “the next Marc Jacobs.”

Nina Chanel Abney (artist, 29)
Joseph Altuzarra (fashion designer, 28)
Zana Bayne (designer, 23)
Chris Benz (fashion designer, 29)
Matthew Brandt (photographer, 29)
Samuel Cochran (eco designer, 29)
Sam Falls (photographer, 27)
Nicolas Fayad (architect, 26)
Lauren Geremia (designer, 29)
Erik Madigan Heck (photographer, 28)
Jessica Hische (graphic designer, 27)
JR (conceptual artist, 28)
Jacob Kassay (painter, 27)
Aaron Koblin (artist, 29)
Pamela Love (jewellery designer, 29)
Mike Matas (interface designer, 25)
Kiel Mead (jewellery designer, 28)
Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen (fashion designers, 25)
Pete Oyler (interior designer, 28)
Adam Pendleton (artist, 27)
Aza Raskin (interface designer, 27)
Theo Richardson, Charles Brill, Alex Williams (designers; 28, 28, 29)
Alan Ricks (architect, 28)
Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld (art dealer, 27)
Claire Rosen (photographer, 28)
Aurel Schmidt (artist, 29)
Ryan Sullivan (abstract artist, 28)
Alexander Wang (fashion designer, 28)
Molly Yestadt (milliner, 28)
Alex Zachary (gallery owner, 28)
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