Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen: We Are Perfectionists

March 7, 2012 By:
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen: We Are Perfectionists

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen cover the UK edition of Elle in a special double cover edition! It's basically just the same magazine printed twice but with two different covers! Which Olsen twin looks the best!? You can’t tell the difference? Me either!

The girls perfect their little pout on the cover(s) of the mag and spill all the deets on their fashion empire in the 10-page feature.

Mary Kate says running three businesses with her sister is no problem because they “basically [have] one thought process shared between two people.”

“We’re attracted to different things, but we arrive at the same place,” says Mary-Kate, “I think we’re probably unaware of how intuitive it might seem from the outside."

Ashley says they’ve been able to successful expand their fashion empire because they don’t trust anyone to run their business but themselves, “We are perfectionists. We’ve always wanted to be closely involved with everything, totally hands on – that’s why it works. If we step away, it stops working. I know it sounds controlling, but that’s how it has to be.”

Even though their sister Elizabeth Olsen is becoming the new go-to actress, the twins don’t ever expect to return to acting. Awww, I was really looking forward to a new straight-to-VHS installment of “The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley.”

Ashley revealed she “doesn't like to be the centre of attention any more,” saying, “I don’t have to be a pretty face. I’ve done that, but now it’s important and liberating to be on the other side of the lens.”

The girls also don’t want to be labeled as “celebrity designers.”

“Of course we knew about the trend of celebrities as designers, but we’d done that already when we were much younger. I don’t understand the new idea of designers as celebrities either,” says Ashley.