Olsen Twins Win Huge Award For 'The Row' Fashion Line

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Olsen Twins Win Huge Award For \'The Row\' Fashion Line
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s fashion forward clothing designs are more than just a style descriptor. It’s now an award.

The former child stars turned luxury high fashion designers were honored—for the second time!—with Wall Street Journal’s “Innovator of the Year” award for their label The Row, which was chosen for its “eye for nearly monastic classicism that’s redefining American luxury.”

The tres chic bash was hosted at the MoMA and attended by fashion honchos from red carpet ne’er-do-wrong Julianne Moore and Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

The two twins have been winning praises and accolades out of seemingly nowhere since the couture fashion brand first launched. Earlier this year, The Row also won the way prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America’s “Best Womenswear Designers” title.

It’s like that observation from journalist (and Vogue writer once upon a time) Joan Didion, which I can’t recall word for word, where she partly attributed her own small size for why she’s able to get the most out of her work. She’d often go unnoticed at parties or people tended to underestimate her presence because of her tiny frame.

That same principle reminds me of the Olsen Twins—as high-powered and rich as they are, there is still something kind of unassuming about them. The pint-sized girls tend to be tight-lipped in the press and every time you even think of putting them on a “Full House” pedestal they knock you down out of nowhere, sweeping in to walk away with awards for “innovation” like they were never even there in the first place.

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