Megan Fox Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

December 13, 2011 By:

Megan Fox has revealed the secret to her good skin. Facials! Facials! Facials! Oh and don’t wear makeup when you don’t need to.

Megan Fox says that when she’s not working she makes a habit of going to get oxygen facials once a week.

She says: "I don't have time to do masks, but I love having them done as part of a facial. If I'm not working, I have an oxygen facial once a week. It's important to go out and have a steam and get the toxins out."

Once a week? Let’s get real; normal people can’t afford a facial once a week so masks have to do for us.

Megan also revealed that she doesn’t like to wear makeup when she doesn’t have to because it’s not good for the skin.

She told Britain's InStyle magazine: "I don't wear make-up when I'm not working, unless I'm going on a date with my husband. Then, I'll do a dewy tinted moisturizer with a lip-gloss and tons of mascara. I have a lot of mascara.

"I wash my face and moisturize twice a day with Epicuren Discovery's Bulgarian Rose Otto and apply Perricone MD's Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum a few times a day. I don't wear sunscreen, because I feel like I'm allergic to the chemicals in it. I stay out of the sun as much as possible and always wear hats."

Although most people can’t afford to get facials once a week, you can take Megan’s other tips such as not wearing so much makeup and moisturizing.

Lady Gaga recently revealed her beauty secrets and it definitely didn’t have anything to do with moisturizing. Well, lets just say it was a different kind of moisturizer.

"Orgasms, lots of orgasms!" she revealed to Elle Magazine. When she got a little more serious in a later interview she said that she doesn’t tan her face and she uses simple soap like Ivory soap to wash her face.

"I don't like to tan my face because it's bad for wrinkles," she says.