Michelle Obama to Guest Edit iVillage

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The First Lady is adding another job to her resume: Editor.

Michelle Obama will be guest editing iVillage, an online magazine about parenting, health, style and advice. They’re one of the biggest digital mags on the internet, and are launching a guest editor program, starting with Michelle.

In a statement about her work to iVillage staff members, she said: "We shared all kinds of stories (both success stories and cautionary tales) and tips about how to help our kids be healthy and succeed this school year."

Mrs. Obama appeared on Jay Leno last night to talk about her editorship and her healthy living campaigns, and teased Gabby Douglas for ‘fessing up to eating McDonald’s after she won her two golds at the London Olympics (to be fair, McDonalds sponsors the USA Olympic team for some strange, strange reason and so Gabby might have been contractually obligated to talk about Egg McMuffins at some point).

Michelle will be guest editing the site for a week, starting Monday, August 20th.

In her first video she’ll be sharing her family pictures and tips for getting her kids, Malia and Sasha, to school on chaotic mornings. And if you have any burning questions about life in the White House or how Michelle keeps up with her schedule, head on over to iVillage and ask—the first lady will be answering questions in her upcoming videos, too!
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