Carbon Copy: Miley Cyrus' Edgy Video Look

February 7, 2013 By:
Carbon Copy: Miley Cyrus' Edgy Video Look

Miley Cyrus' style transformation was well-documented in 2012. From the insta-second she "Miley'd" her hair to her edgier performances of Billy Idol covers, she's been routinely kicking her Disney past to the curb (in Doc Marts, natch) and she looked good doing it.

Miley carries her new fashion sense and confidence with her into 2013, this time on the set of a Lil Kim music video. No, we don't know why she was there either, but let's focus on the important part here—that outfit!

The singer showed up to set in a fun, '90s-inspired Brit rocker look that was hard with a feminine touch. We love the androgyny she brings to the pieces here, this one in particular because she makes it easy to Carbon Copy with garments you can pick up from literally any store that's ever been in a mall.

From crop top to accessories, we show you how...

The crop top Skate into some serious street style with this trendy Full Tilt crop tee with cross back details and open panels on the back. $8.

The striped pants Get vertical in these statement pants. The bold jailhouse pattern of these pants will give you an instant dose of style that'll also accentuate your legs. $38.

The snakeskin loafers Miley's flats were chic and sizzling. These loafers from Miso feature a snakeskin tab front and black patent leather. $34.

The beanie Finish the look off with this casual charcoal beanie. This piece is actually reversible so it's like a two for one deal. $11.

The gold accessories Polish this look up with some added glam. These accessories will do just the trick for this monochromatic ensemble. The plait hoops will give this look some needed texture and the grey metal skull and tusk double necklace even more edge. $14 and $19, respectively.