Miley Cyrus Picks Liam's Clothes For Him

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Liam Hemsworth, Hunger Games star, fiancé of Miley Cyrus, brother of Thor, avid suit wearer and possessor of an Australian accent (it’s overkill, really), is the September cover of Men’s Health.

He’s also not shy about his less manly moments (“I used to have an afro, like Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro. It was bleached blond from the sun. I was tall and awkward. I was not cool.”), and admitted that getting kicked in the chest by Jean-Claude Van Damme was like “…a present from him, in a weird way.”

He also admits to being addicted to food and going on 24-donut Krispy Kreme binges when he’s not eating like a caveman to prep for a role. And on the subject of Miley, he calls her an “extremely intelligent, supportive person,” and also lets it slip in the Men’s Health Fall Fashion Guide supplement that as Cyrus doesn’t approve of one of his fashion staples, the polo shirt, he stopped wearing them.

So either he’s the nicest ever, or she’s scarier than previously imagined.

You can glimpse Liam’s chiseling in the upcoming The Expendables 2, Love and Honor, Empire State, Paranoia, Timeless, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Broken Run and Arabian Nights. Did I mention he’s busy?
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