Miley's "Jweats" Hilary Duff's Messy Maxi, and More

June 14, 2013 By:


Miley Cyrus hit the MySpace relaunch party in what can only be described as “jweats,” jeans + sweats. We love that she’s fallen in love with streetwear and isn’t afraid of taking risks. Oddly enough, these Ashish pants looked very wearable on the runway, but on Miley it was too many layers, too much leather, and too many pants.

There’s a lot of problems with Kaley Cuoco’s Paule Ka dress. The fit is absolutely awful, there’s a little marshmello effect going on, her shoes are too big, the embellishment looks tacked on at the last minute, the hair is too flat. How about everybody give that side swept thing a break!

Lauren Conrad looked really pretty at a recent book signing. Her hair and makeup were amazing, but the dress? Not so much. The ratio of the tulle and lace hemlines aren’t exaggerated enough to flatter LC. We would have loved for her to ditch the overlay and maybe turned it into a cape or something. Now that would have been fabulous!

Hilary Duff could have slid into a pair of jeans and a tank or something. Something, anything! The problem here is that every item of clothing in slouchy. A loose maxi, a floppy bag, and slouch boots are a recipe for disaster, no matter how cute you pose.