Miranda Kerr Says Her Skincare Range is "Food For The Skin"

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Well that's great because my skin has been super hungry lately. What? Miranda Kerr, in addition to being a Victoria's Secret Model also has her own line of super organic skincare products called KORA Organics.

One of her "secret ingredients" in her products is a fruit called Noni, and she says the juice from the fruit is a miracle worker.

"I used to put it on my skin if I had a pimple or sunburn. it's like food for the skin," says Kerr.

Noni juice is fine, I guess, but my face wants a burger. Do you got anything like that, Kerr? No? Didn't think so. Noni juice is a fruit indigenous to Tahiti and Kerr admits she's been using daily since she was a teenager.

Kerr created her skincare line when she couldn't find a cosmetic line that worked for her skin, "I was looking for an organic product that really worked for me, but I couldn't find one."

Her collection uses many all natural derivatives like pomegranate seeds and something called rose-hip oil.

"I was really the guinea pig for Kora; I tested everything," admits Kerr.

The brand launched in Australia in 2009, her home country, and has picked up celebrity fans like Gwyneth Paltrow. Now the collection is beginning to become available in the US. Kerr says her favorite product in the line is the Rejuvenating Foot Balm, "Being on my heels all the time, I wanted to create a cream to put on after a long day," says Kerr, "And it doesn't hurt that my husband, Orlando, is very good at massaging it into my feet."

I swear she's actively trying to make everyone jealous every time she opens her mouth "skincare...my husband...Orlando Bloom...perfect...gives massages...$2.5 million bra...Did I say Orlando Bloom already?"

If modeling or the skincare industry ever stops working out for Kerr, she's a certified nutritionist.

"I finished a course in Australia in the Academy of Natural Living in integrated nutrition. I've got my certificate as health coach so I'm qualified to teach you about health."

On Victoria's Secret actually promoting healthy bodies, she explains, "They're about promoting a healthy body image and a curvaceous image so you know, it's good, it's good for us. But I do think it's important for anyone to have an exercise regime because then they feel better about themselves. It's just as much a mental thing as it is a physical thing."
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