Mischa Barton Eats Raw Meat for Photo Shoot

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Mischa Barton Eats Raw Meat for Photo Shoot
Remember Mischa Barton? Yah, it took me several seconds too. She's making headlines again, not for acting, but for eating raw meat. Let me explain.

Tyler Shields, the controversial photographer who likes snapping photos of Hollywood starlets in compromising situations, has just done a photo shoot with Mischa that involves her being topless and $65 worth of raw steak.

Mischa poses with the meat on her face, is seen biting and licking it. Can't you get sick from that? Looking at photos of Mischa Barton for too long has got to be bad for you.

While most people have a "eh whatever" attitude towards Mischa Barton, her fan base in Brazil is obviously just now getting into "The OC." Tyler Shields writes about how he was bombarded by Brazilian fans begging him to do a photoshoot with Barton.

"So one day out of the blue I start getting emails with the subject “Mischa Barton” Upon opening the emails I realize they are from her fan club in Brazil they were asking me to shoot her the emails didnt stop for almost 2 weeks," Shields writes on his blog.

So Shields finally got together to discuss the meat shoot with Barton, at where else, In-N-Out, "I had lunch with Mischa [as In-N-Out], we talked and then the day after that it was meat on the face," reveals Shields.

He says he never tells his models beforehand what the plan for the shoot is because they most likely will back out. Examples: Lindsay Lohan posed covered in blood. Heather Morris from Glee posed with a black eye and a hot iron. Alice Green from Twilight had to be tied up on a railroad track. Hayden Panettiere was naked with a lazer gun, or something that looked like a lazer gun.

So when Mischa showed up to shoot he was like, "I bought $65 worth of steak and I want to put it on your face and I want you to eat it raw."

She didn't protest, and Shields says if she doesn't feel comfortable she could have walked out. Shields has received a lot of flack since Heather Morris's controversial shoot which made her look like a victim of domestic violence, she received 25,000 death threats after those photos.

"It's not like I put a gun to anyone's head," says Shields, "Well, that's not true, I do put guns to people's heads." He's referring to his 2010 photoshoot with Lindsay Lohan where he pointed a gun at her head.

The Mischa Barton pics are on display at the Imitate Modern gallery in London for his new photo exhibit opening tomorrow.
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