Alexander Wang Teaming Up With Sally Hansen Nail Polish

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Alexander Wang Teaming Up With Sally Hansen Nail Polish
Affordable meets coutoure…able.

New York Fashion week starts in less than three weeks, and in maybe the biggest makeup news, we’ve just found out that Alexander Wang will team up with Sally Hansen to create his very own color collection. I’m guessing the meeting went something like this:

REP: So, Alexander. What colors do you want?

WANG: I’m thinking black. Also probably black. And…uh, did I already mention black?

REP: Can you think of some other colors you might want?

WANG: Hmmm…(thinks for a long time)…Onyx.

Not that I’m complaining. Because whatever this man makes, I will buy. As long as it's under $20. And I can buy it at CVS.

This is the 27 year-old designer’s first beauty venture. It will debut at his Spring 2012 show this September. Let’s hope the prices are more Hansen and less Wang.

Sally Hansen has been making some good business decisions lately. Last year, the nail brand hooked up with designers Prabal Gurung and Tracy Reese. It went from drugstore go-to to runway accessory.

Gurgung produced six shades with Hansen, based on his clothing colors. But the most notable creation was the “racing stripe French manicure.” It was basically opaque polish with a colored French manicure stripe.

Sally Hansen produced colors based on Tracy Reese’s color palate for Spring 2011 as well. Shades were mostly pastels—lavender, eggshell, coral. They also came out with a deeper plum shade that didn’t really take off this season.

And preparing for fashion week, Wang has found a way to avoid the craziness of Fashion’s Night Out. Wang will stay in his Soho store, where only a select group of people will be allowed to hang out with him. The good news is—it could be you!

Wang is holding a talent contest in which winners will be invited to perform and compete at Wang’s store on the night of September 8.

All you have to do is send a 30-90 second clip of yourself performing whatever talent you have to: info@alexanderwang. The deadline is the end of this week.

If invited, you would win some free Alexander Wang clothes. Totally worth showing off that hidden belching talent you have.
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